Why do heavily pregnant women not fall over all the time? In what way can physics explain a newborn’s first breath? How do infants learn grammar so quickly? The Secret Science of Baby will answer these questions and many more, showing curious parents and carers that their new world of all things baby contains so much fascinating and thrilling science.

Written by science journalist Michael Banks, The Secret Science of Baby is an illuminating and hilarious journey through the everyday science of baby. From the fascinating fluid mechanics of swimming sperm, the collective dynamics of cells in uterine contractions to the physics of how infants suck from the breast, science is at the heart of every aspect of parenthood — from conception and pregnancy to cooing and pooing.

Pregnancy is a time when parents-to-be are bombarded with information: what to expect, what not to do and eat, and what to spend all your hard-earned money on. Well, you can start with The Secret Science of Baby, which won’t tell you how to raise a perfect violin-playing, mandarin-speaking toddler but will shed light on the “infant universe” and how and why things happen as and when they do.

The Secret Science of Baby will be published by BenBella Books.