Off to Japan

Lake at the University of Tokyo
A brief area of tranquility in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo

Tomorrow, I take to the skies and start the long journey from Bristol, UK to Tokyo, Japan.

This is my fourth visit to Japan, but each time there is always something new to discover in this bustling metropolis.

Indeed, Tokyo is one of my favourite cities – the sights, sounds and tastes offer a sensory overload. Yet Japan is also clean, safe and with a transport system that is among the best in the world.

The purpose of the trip is to visit a number of institutions and meet with senior policy makers to gather material for a Physics World special report on Japan, which will be published early next year.

These trips – and I have been on a few – are always exciting, but also exhausting. Fighting jet lag is tricky enough, but combining that with the need to be constantly “switched on” during meetings can be a challenge, particularly in the first couple of days.

Anyway, I need to pack my bags, so keep posted on the blog for updates from my travels.

All that’s left to say is: “Konnichiwa Japan”.

Author: Michael Banks

UK science writer

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